Friday, November 2, 2012

A Trip Through The Mind

I think there was something in that coffee. The whole world's looking like a big bowl of jello... And I'm the only one eating it.

Why, then, can't the whole world enjoy the colorful deliciousness of gelatin desserts? If everyone would just harmonize with their soul, maybe one day we can all get down with the wavy sensation.

Are we all not just an incarnation of the one they call Jiggle Bones? I'm really starting to hope so.

Presently, I'm trying to imagine how this wallpaper would taste. I can't fully wrap my head around it, to be honest.

My staring contest with this pool of magic reminds me of a time when I thought Nintendo Power was a mind-altering gelatinous drink that was packaged in a can. A Nintendo Power subscription form that I received in the mail around the age of four or five is to blame for this. For some whacked reason, it featured Yoshi opening a can labeled "Nintendo Power," with a clear jelly bursting out of the can.

Maybe it wasn't jelly, maybe it was supposed to be Sprite or something, but whatever. The point is, Nintendo really fucked me up with that ad. For a brief period of time, I thought that if I could obtain and ingest this substance, I could see beautiful colors, and maybe even fly.

Well, it turns out that such a thing does exist. The question is, was this can of Nintendo Power just some clever cover for new gelatinous form of LSD? Or do I be trippin' right now?

I want to give a big thanks to Psychedelic Blogs for the inspiration on this one. That's a far-out site over there, and it really got my mind going. I didn't really plan on a psychedelic look for this wallpaper, but after perusing the aforementioned site, there was no way I couldn't try to make something groovy.

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